UK Bathrooms Ltd take pride in offering independent merchants, wholesalers & large retail outlets the very best factory prices and the fastest delivery times.

UK Bathrooms Ltd specialises in supplying a varied range of high quality bathroom products into the retail, wholesale and construction industry all across the UK & Ireland. With over 25 years’ extensive experience, we have an innovative approach to developing our products that are competitive in the industry, as well as consistently ensuring we are up to date with the latest moving trends.

Our Vision
We aim to provide an experience better than anyone else in the market through ethical business practice and outstanding service levels built on trust, integrity and good values. As we move towards our goal of being the best supplier in the industry, we continually research and evaluate the market to provide our customers with the best experience when dealing with us. We promote innovation and strive to invent and deliver products that help our clients eliminate time to market.

Our Products
When it comes to quality, we begin at the initial process to establish all the correct measures are taken and only the best materials are sourced. Our products are of the highest quality, with quality control applied to the manufacturing stages and thoroughly tested. We have an extensive team of trained inspectors as quality is at the forefront of our enterprise. As an entrepreneurial company, we encourage new ideas and ways of mastering our development and growth. We have built interdependence by making use of our clients and supplier’s skills and capacities to ensure we constantly deliver contemporary and original products that our clients expect. Transparency between our design team and our clients help shape our product line, resulting in the most compatible and best aligned products for the industry.